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bridge math

let me see, the bottle neck on 74/76 pretty much turns my usual 10-15 minute commute into a 20-25 minute commute. Usually going 2 miles an hour, or less for 10 plus minutes, on a good day. Do that 49 weeks a year (I get a weeks vacation, + traffic not usually too bad during Xmas/New Years), times 5 days a week, times the thousands of other drivers who are also wasting time and gas and patience in the same situations. And that is just because of traffic volume. Throw in the bridge being up, or an accident, where you can't, at that point, get to either bridge in the northern part of the county, and the 1000's of houses they are building in Brunswick Forest and other new developments in Leland, which is going to make the current situation that much more worse in the near future. So yes, I do think building another bridge south of the problem is justifiable. I bought a house years ago in Leland to get away from the traffic issues in Wilmington, and it is becoming just as bad over here now, thanks to these so called government leaders and planners.


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