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I don't disagree something needs to be done.

I do disagree that a billion dollar bridge is required to fix this problem.

How many of the other drivers stuck in traffic didn't want or need to go through Leland to get to their destination?

How many of those drivers are trying to get to Independence Boulevard? And how many of them are trying to get to I-140?

My bet is that most didn't want to go through Leland at all, and that many are trying to get to I-140 or 421. In either case, a bridge to Independence Boulevard is not a good solution. But a bypass around Leland is.

So let's ask DOT to complete the I-140 bypass to 74/76 and to Highway 17 south of Leland (much quicker and cheaper than the Skyway bridge) and then see what happens to the traffic jam. I suspect it will all but disappear, but we won't know until we get there.

I can't imagine the taxpayers footing the bill for yet another project when the DOT still hasn't finished the I-140 project due to funding issues.

It just doesn't add up.


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