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I think you need to reread

I think you need to reread the article and know alittle something about our current justice system before you comment. According to the article the guy is a "regular" person as you put it (althought technically there is no such thing as a regular person). He hasn't been a law enforcement officer since 05 so his status as a "ex" law enforcement officer would have no bearing on his sentence, only his pass criminal record.

Now, if you did know anything about our current justice system then you should know that the sentence put out by the judge is based on a number of factors. These factors include, as I said before pass criminal history, what level offender he is, the crime itself, and his time served for the current crime, among other things.

Now with that being said, is our justice system fair and without problems? No, it needs a lot of work. However, if you wouldn't do the crime then you wouldn't have to worry about the punishment.....

The only fault in your "old friends" case is his own. He wouldn't of been sentenced to "7 years" on just allegations. He was either convicted by a jury of his peers or he admitted his guilt and pleaded out. So again don't do the crime unless your willing to pay the price.


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