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Think So??

better get your head out of whatever it is in.

A smart attorney -- and rest assured Senator Soles will have the best -- will make mince meat out of the reputations of all those who think they will attest to the Senator's guilt.

A smart attorney will have a change of venue to some urban location like Charlotte where none of the local gossip and street knowledge will even be heard.

A smart attorney will have a judge declare all of the attempts to cover Senator Soles' lifestyle ruled irrelevant -- and the Judge will have no choice but to do so. Frankly, in an area like Charlotte, they won't care.

The focus will be on the incidents leading up to the shooting. Not things that took place 30 years ago. The direct actions of the 2 young men once they entered his posted property and would not leave.

And remember, one of the 2 young miscreants has already given statements declaring the Senator was protecting life and property.

Remember, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Senator Soles' attorneys will be spreading doubt all along the path to the courthouse.

Of course all of these suppositions assume a trial will be held. I'm not holding my breath on that one.


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