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Entire point is being missed....

I don't understand why residents call these anti-Titan people so uninformed. In every public hearing held on water, air, zoning, etc... all the pro-Titan individuals have only talked about jobs, but have not adhered to the specific topic at any of the given public hearings. These are not uninformed individuals, but yet, quite the opposite. Easley's lawyers illegally cut deals with buddies at the NC Div. of Air Quality to rush permitting for this plant, and our extremely close minded County Commissioners looked at the proposed 160 jobs and thought it would be a great idea.

Fact of the matter is that the actual U.S. EPA noted that the NC DAQ lessened NC's own air quality standards for Titan and also indicated the fact that Titan's emissions of mercury and other toxins would far exceed existing U.S. and future U.S. requirements for acceptable levels of toxic emissions.... in this instance, Fed trumps State.

What strikes me as shocking is that we live in a state with a proven track record of poor air quality per population and per capita, which is a direct reflection of the lack of air quality standards and large number of air quality permits issued to companies who do not meet our existing regulations.... regulations that are stricter in 45 other states.

Instead of calling these anti-Titan individuals whatever uneducated name you can think of, how about the pro-Titan people give me one other reason besides "jobs" as to why this company should come here, and give me definitive proof against what the U.S. EPA already indicated--- that NC DAQ is violating it's own air quality standards for this company. In addition, how about instead of investing in 160 (which will only be half that) jobs, we give companies tax breaks to bring high tech green jobs to Wilmington that will be better paying and provide healthy working conditions, not to mention those jobs are the jobs of the future... which will only GROW our economy. Other cities, such as Pittsburgh, Birmingham, and Chicago, are doing just these things, and have shown dramatic job growth in the process.

This is not an argument between Republican vs. Democrat, North vs. South, or Environmentalists vs. Developers, it's an argument about the facts that are presented and doing what is right that will benefit all of us. Not ONE pro-Titan person can cite anything to me that indicates appropriate levels of emissions will be met, or that we need these 160 types of jobs, even as much as the biased media wants to portray this company as being necessary to the citizens of NHC.


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