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Ok people, I've had enough

Ok people, I've had enough of this non sense. Let me remind everyone that ColCor started with Rex Gore and RC Soles. RC was, supposively, buying votes in order to get "SEXY REXY" in office. Then there is the comments from ,"Barney 5". Barney, a law enforcement officer can use whatever force necessry to effect an arrest. And an arrest is not effected until the suspect is under control. There Barney, get a life, or better yet get educated before you attempted to speak out against something. An average joe citizen can detain a wrong doer if the actions involved include damage to property, a felony, and a breach of peace. The law doesn't state that they cannot handcuff anyone. It says "DETAIN". Officer Sibbet did just that. What if Sibbett decided to turn his head and say the heck with it and someone got killed. Now, Sibbett would have been criticized for not acting in order to prevent a death and possibly held liable. There are a lot of LEO's out there that only wear the uniform because it looks good on them and they like to drive fast. If we had more enforcement officers like Sibbett then the streets would be safer and we would'nt have to worry about those drug addicts and punks and thugs. The man that kicked Sibbett is a leach on the people of Columbus County. He doesn't work, oh I'm sorry, he is able cause he can break into storage buildings and take things that don't belong to him. But he is disabled. HA!! HA!!! Please. As far as the young kids, they have'nt even been charged. If anyone thinks they are above the law then it will be those two. Come on people can't everyone see that Rex Gore is using his authority as a DA to make an example of Sibbett. Rex Gore will have to answer as to why he dismissed any case that involves Sibbett. Detective Sibbett has nothing to hide. He done exactly what I would have done if the situation presented itself to me. Sheriff Batten should praise Sibbett for taking charge of a situation, but it's obvious his deputies don't know the laws either. I'm glad Sibbett knows what one can do. I think Sibbett should run for Sheriff so that he can clean house in the areas of the county that Sheriff Batten is scared to go. Heck yea! Sibbett for Sheriff and Pope for DA. That would be a great team. Maybe Batten will have enough time to tend to his farming, like he promised he would give up if elected. And Rex Gore would have enough time to realize that if you stop the dope you stop the gangs.


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