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I ve had enough

It is no secret that Columbus County and others need an enema. It is obvious that you cant see the trees for the forest. You need to be educated----read the court records. Stop blaming RC and Sexy Rexy for Sibbetts unjustified actions. Remember 2 wrongs dont make a right. It was unnecessary for Sibbett to hold a pistol to the cuffed lads-----using the Tabor City police vehicle. He is sending the wrong message to the youths. It was unnecessary to break the mans nose while he was cuffed, so the county would pick up the tab. Something I find interesting is why didnt Sibbett sustain any injuries to his punching hand or his knees. Probably b/c the man didnt kick him and he had something covering his hand. This may be too far out of the box for you, though. It is obvious the ex-officer has anger issues----even his boss has confirmed this. The officer is a loose cannon and a liability. I quess you think we should make Sibbett sheriff so he can go around hurting and endangering the public, if they are what you call a leach and then blame it on RC and Sexy Rex. Gosh, why didnt I think of that! If you want someone else to be sheriff (besides Batten) you better pick a better candidate than the impulsive one! And another word of advice: Things arent always the way they appear my dear.  However, the last and second thing you wrote that made sense is the dope is at the root of alot of our crime.


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