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The military will survive with gays....

...I'm not sure the gays will, in the short term.

Now, there certainly are gays in the military now. "Don't ask, don't tell" did a lot of good, hoever. It eliminated the witch-hunts that were once prevalent if a commander heard a rumor or suspected that "Lieutenant Wiggins just doesn't walk right." It allowed homosexuals to carry on their lifestyle as long as they kept it under wraps. Of course, they don't like it because they can't be open and public in their orientation or emotions. It forces them to stay in the closet.

Considering all the pro-gay indoctrination provided by schools, the media and Hollywood, this wouldn't be an issue in thirty years. Homosexuality won't be looked at as a sexual perversion or mortal sin then, just "another form of sex."

Right now, however, it is going to be hell on Earth for those members who choose to "come out"....they will suffer and accordingly the military will suffer.

In the case of the Marines, small unit cohesion, so essential to success in combat, will evaporate. One man in a rifle squad can be ostracized for failing a PFT or going UNQ on the rifle range. Group morale goes out the window, the platoon commander and platoon sergeant are on the squad leader's case, the squad leader is on the fire-team leader's case, and everyone is down on the deadbeat who let his squad and platoon down.

Everyone has seen "A Few Good Men," and trust me, that kind of pressure IS exerted on a Marine judged to be "different than the rest of us."

So imagine substituting a PFT failure or going unqualified on the rifle range with "He's gay." For a service that relies upon hard-muscled, high-n-tight uniformity in their norms and mores, that one guy just isn't going to fit in. He's going to be a mighty unhappy camper.

It will be worse out of the field and in the barracks. When LCpl Smith suggests to his roommate that they could get ready for morning inspection faster if they slept in one bed, how is his roommate going to react? What happens when two male marines are seen holding hands and dancing at the E-club? No amount of "Leave them alone and accept them" orders from Washington are going to make them fit in.

How many Matthew Shepherd incidents will we hear about at Fort Bragg and Camp LeJeune?

I'm a firm believer in equal rights for gays, but this isn't going to come without heavy costs. In a way, those male gays who come out first may be among the bravest of the brave....because if they think that the platoon members are simply going to say, "Oh, okay," they're in for a biiiig disappointment.

You can run a 300 PFT, shoot 250 on the range, but when it gets out that you're gay you'll be as welcomed and accepted as your average leper.

(BTW, the double-standard of gay = disgusting, Lesbianism = hot is alive and well in the military as it is in society as a whole. The men seem to fully accept Lesbians in their ranks. Secretly, I think it's beacuse male egos are generally so big they think that "She's only a Lesbian because she's never been with ME!")


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