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I am being truthful, and not trying to be negative.
Morale and trust are needed for combat and high stress situations.
Disolving this law will destroy both and make our military weak.
In a grunt situation, I would guess(And i am right..) that someone who chooses to be openly gay in an all male combat patrol unit will not last... They would be mentally tormented and scarred for life. WIll the military have rules to protect the openly gay marines? Of course.. WIll it work? Absolutely not..
Perhaps in an administrative cycle, it wouldn't be an issue...
So of course the pentagon agrees.. The generals KNOW that once a homosexual comes out of the closet, their tour will be cut short... If the soldier or marine chooses to rough it out and stay in, think of the emotional distress and damage it wil cause...
Some things are left better NOT talked about... And this is one of them...
I would think, that homosexuals who enjoytheir jobs and want to keep their jobs, ranks promotions, etc.. won't say anything anyway.. because they know how destructive it would be...
Don't ask, Don't tell kept morale up, and people alive in combat... Breaking the silence will wreak havok umong ranks, and flush openly gay people out of the military and mentally damage some of those for life... It is a STUPID idea for both sides to do away with don't ask don't tell..


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