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Largo, Where I appreciate


Where I appreciate your "tolerance" of gays, I find your response to this article to be indicative of the kind of subdued and backhanded bigotry that allows prejudice against gays and lesbians to flourish. You have made some very sweeping statements in your response, few of which are based on fact.

You say that DADT stopped the witch hunts against gays and lesbians serving in the armed forces. You are wrong. According to military statistics, DADT barely slowed it down (you can fact check that at You go on say things about unit cohesion and "sleeping in the same bed". Really? Do you think that gays are so forward and sex-driven that we're just going to throw ourselves at the nearest man? Also, you make a blanket statement about lesbian acceptance in the military. You really couldn't be more wrong on this one. Under DADT nearly twice the amount women are discharged as men (again, fact check at the site above).

You do a disservice to the members of our active military by saying that they would be unable to accept gays serving openly. These are our trained warriors, our offense, and our defense. They are overseas fighting our battles for us every day. They are fighting our wars. They are not lumbering Neanderthals. They can handle something as insignificant as gays openly serving.

Think about it this way: each day gay and lesbian service members go into the field to protect our liberties and freedoms. Each day they are denied their own. Regardless of your hypothetical consequences of repealing DADT, that is an injustice, and isn't fighting injustice what America is all about?


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