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The problem inherent to physician assistants

For many years I have harbored serious reservation about physician assistants. Mr. Quillen is a case in point. I had the unfortunate experience of contact with this individual some years ago. He was unkempt and slovenly and had the audacity to introduce himself as "doctor." Let's be serious. P.A.s are marginally trained and do not even approach the knowledge and/or skills of a real doctor. Unfortunately for the patient, many of these paraprofessionals are allowed to practice entirely unsupervised or with only minimal physician oversight. So is it any wonder that many of these P.A.s actually believe that they are equal to a doctor? Mr. Quillen is just one example of what happens when P.A.s are allowed to essentially practice unrestricted medicine. Quillen was, as I am sure many might agree, an accident waiting to happen. He should have been watched more carefully. But such "accidents" will continue to occur and continue to place the general public in danger unless physicians take their supervisory role more serious when it comes to their "assistants." Quillen is a disgrace and deserves whatever punishment comes his way.


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