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this man is not guilty. he has always gone out of his way to help people. he has never tried to take advantage of someones condition. he got his start from going back to college at fifty. to try to take care of people who cannot afford much. he has also tried to help people who have been ignored or are hooked on such drugs as methadone( methadone being an easy out for treatment of pain), mostly from docs who did not take the time to availuate there pain, just wrote theme off as pain seekers. he tried to ween them off of technically prescribtion heroin to save them from a life time addiction. but is being played by a patient who is trying to get out of a drug charge. i know this from being one who fired this person from my practice. rocky is in trouble for trying to be a friend and doc like it used to be. please hear all the story not just what sells people. wish more people were like rocky. ask his patients. by the way he has turned in more drug seekers than any other physician in the southern nc area. this is a good man who is getting takin advantage. from a pcp doctor of 36 years. do not always take heresay as face falue."good man"


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