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What Should Be Expected of a Licensed Physician or P.A.

First, I must agree with the other individuals reply on the statement above. Without regards to the P.A. that has been charged with felonies, the comment above scares me. If this was written by anyone in the medical profession, then god help us all! The incorrect spelling, and totally improper use of the English language is appalling.

However, in regards to licensed physicians, or P.A's, what has become of the Doctor-client "relationship" right. Even in the statement above, though it's an embarrassment, it even states that the P.A. in question has turned in more "Drug Users" than anyone in S.E. N.C. This P.A. aside, many Doctor's seem to have become part of the local sheriff's department's narcotic bureau. If a person seems to have problem with prescription drugs, I believe it is the Doctor's responsibility to not notify law enforcement (unless there is significant proof the person has been re-distributing the medication to others). Instead, the Doctor should have compassion, and treat it like any medical illness, and help the patient seek treatment. Any Doctor who willfully, without care, concern, or forethought, that reports an individual to law enforcement for possible abusing prescription medication, should not be in the medical profession. In such instances, the Doctor is not only not helping the patient, but is actually potentially ruining his life, as N.C. laws regarding seeing more than even one doctor in 30 days for a controlled substance, is a felony. Such Doctor's that show total disregard for patients that are in need of help, should be the one sent to jail for violating their oath of giving the best care to a patient, and for not being a caring human being.


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