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I would like to say I am a

I would like to say I am a sophomore in high school and a lot of kids don't need their cell phones yes BUT some do and even if you take the phone away at school what keeps them from doing it at home? YES it is an issue BUT some things you can only control so far before it just comes down to the person behind the cell phone. A teenager can only be taught so much before they make their own decisions. We need guidance I wont deny that but once you have said everything, told us what to do, and how we SHOULD act you just have to hope and pray we do the right thing. Its the same way for drugs, drinking, sex, and teen pregnancy. Yes you can put locks so we can't take or receive pictures like that but honestly we are going to run into someone who CAN see those kinds of things and its up to us whether we witness them or not and whether we participate or not. I personally wouldn't in a million years because I know how it would make my mom feel and I wouldn't want to take a risk of ever having the picture be seen but others don't feel the same way I feel about that. All you can do is love your children and show them what the right thing to do is and hope they listen and do the right thing when it comes time. If any of you do not feel the same way I truly hope I do not offend you.


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