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the truth is.....

i am an employee @ Glencare. I am glad that those two girls decided to speak up. I am a med tech & my name has been forged on medications also. When I reported it they did absolutely nothing. I have seen black eyes & severe skintears on residents that were infected that went un noticed. I have had to buy wipes & do laundry because some of them had nothing to wear. I have seen them struggle to eat food that i know was not in their care plan & often hard to chew. I have worked in assisted living homes a long time & true indeed they all have their share of problems but in 11 years this is the worst that I have seen. I dont think that all Glencare employees dont care. i think that they dont want to see the truth for what itis because they are in fear of being unemployed, like myself. When you have your own problems and rent has to be paid, sometimes you have a blind eye to things. But the truth is everybody who works there or has been there knows that those girls told nothing but the truth. I commend them for taking a stand. Something that some of us cant see past ourselves to do. I love every last resident @ glencare along w/ a selected few of my co-workers. But @ the end of the day WRONG is WRONG. And if those girls were lying then why has there been a significant change in the last month? Things are being done a lot differently. The sign on the special care unit is gone. We have to chart on certain residents more often. We have to sign off on our time when we recieve our checks, Kathryn was fired, Shaquanna & Eunice were demoted, & the owners are in charge. So if they were really doing their job there would have been no need to replace them. I am not mad @ all. I dont fault people for what they dont understand. But if you have a heart or care at all about the human race you would understand. Answer this... Any employee from house keeper to Administrator, would ANY of you put your mother there? If your answer is yes then you need mental treatment. In 1 year I have not seen intentional abuse in this building but SERIOUS NEGLECT. If thats insulting sorry. If u end up having to find another job then that just means that God has something else in store for u. But the truth is the light & Glencare just finally got exposed for what it truely is. By the way, what happened to the rest of the furniture that was donated by the hotels? Because rumor is that certain administrators picked out what they wanted & gave the rest. Does that sound like someone who really cares. They dont even care enough about the employees to pay a decent wage. Or even pay them for all hours worked. Mr Glen should have gotten into a different buisness, something that doesnt require him to have a heart.


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