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Why WE believe OTH should be renewed

To Whom This May Concern,

I saw today where Dawn mentioned that Life Unexpected is likely to get a second season. However, when looking at the poll that asked fans to choose between OTH and LUX, you will see that with over 1000 votes compared to LUX’s 200 that fans CLEARLY want another season of OTH over LUX if it comes down to the two. BUT take a minute and read the comments. Many people said they watched BOTH shows, but choose OTH over LUX. These results mirror the petitions that were started last week. As of now, the One Tree Hill petition is drawing over 13,000 signatures, where LUX’s is drawing in around 400. That being said I do think LUX is a good show. However I can speak for many OTH fans in saying that partly the only reason I watch LUX is it’s on right after OTH. They attract similar audiences. So in my opinion it would be a poor decision to renew one and not the other. By canceling one of them you can almost guarantee drops in ratings for both. LUX is still a new show, renew is for a second season and OTH for an 8th (and final) season. Keep them on the same night and have a somewhat consistent schedule. This whole mid season starting and 8 week hiatus is ridiculous and poor planning.

Moving on, I have read that LUX draws in a totally new audience on Wednesday nights. I mean really, if you showed ANY show two nights a week of course it would draw in (new/repeat) viewers both nights. For example I like Biggest Loser and American Idol but I can’t watch both at the same time. So please when making your decision know that the fans are screaming to keep One Tree Hill. In my opinion the CW needs more shows like One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected and less shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, MP, and ANTM. With a target audience being young adults who are at a very vulnerable stage, how is watching shows like that good for them? All they see is a false sense of reality; “beauty and money.” The CW needs to go back to the WB days where the network flourished off of Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill, and Dawson’s Creek. Without doing this I feel this network’s years are numbered.

My last point comes from a marketing standpoint. The amount of attention Gossip Girl gets in comparison to all of the other CW shows is ridiculous. With the way you all promote this show, its ratings should be through the roof. However, looking back at the ratings you will see that they have been LOWER than One Tree Hill’s ALL season. I also, find it funny that One Tree Hill coincidentally was placed against the Olympics and Gossip Girl was conveniently placed after.

In conclusion, I thank you for taking the time to read this and hope to see One Tree Hill back for an 8th season next fall.


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