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Columbus County unhealthy just because of food?!

LOL I saw the teaser on WWAY yesterday and I predicted it would be us! I'm from Columbus County, and I think we could use some defendin'. All of us grew up with Grandma's cooking, which involved lard, pork, and other kinds of goodies. Not that I'm complaining because I love my grandma's cooking. I think a big reason as to why we are at the bottom is because of the lack of healthier restaurants in our county. I mean, look around at all the restaurants we have. It is a fast food mecca here in Columbus County. If some of our friendly folks in government and those who own all the land in Columbus County(will not mention any names) would try to make Col. Co. look more appealing to restaurant chains, I think we would put a good step forward. This would bring restaurants who offered healthier alternatives.

Another reason why we are so unhealthy is our economy. Isn't it funny that we are considered the poorest county in the state AND we are the unhealthiest? All of us are working so much that all we have time for is to run by a drive-thru and crash when we get home. Our economy is so bad here, that people have to hustle to make ends meet. Many do not have time to go work out or to fix a healthy dinner. Folks are too tired to work out and too broke to put a little more money into the grocery budget to buy healthier things. If the economy was better, we would be better. I took a look at the study on, and found that our social and economic factors were included. Geez....Single Parent households 11%, high school graduation 66%, Unemployment 8%...According to WWAY, New Hanover County is ranked among the best. Why? Have you been to New Hanover County lately? I understand that they are in kind of an economic slump too, but look around. The economy over there is WAY better than ours. They have more restaurants that serve healthier foods. New Hanover County has more parks and more places to work out. There are more opportunities for people there than here in Columbus County.

A final reason why our county is the unhealthiest. We have many senior citizens in our area. Not that this is bad, because I love the older folks. These people had to work in some of the worst conditions when they were younger to make a dollar. Many of them do not know how to even read. They ate what they raised, which was a lot of pork. Many smoked what they raised to: Tobacco. Bless their hearts, they worked so much, that as they've gotten older, their bodies just couldn't work like it used to. I am a nurse, and mostly who I've worked with is senior citizens in the hospital setting. All that hard work is telling on them now. The economy is not helping our senior citizens because many have to choose whether to buy medicine or food. I know of many senior citizens that have gotten major cuts in the Social Security checks, and now they are really strapped. Have you noticed all of the pill sales going up around the area? Some older folks may have started selling their pills. And why not?! They have no money and the bills are piling up from all of the doctor visits. I am not condoning drugs and the selling of drugs, I am just simply saying that if our older people are to survive all of this, then someone needs to step in and stand up for them. Our older folks have worked enough, and they ought to be able to be people of leisure when they are older, not workin' at Mickey D's because they can't afford not to work.

I didn't mean to write all of this. I guess I read the story on and found some things that they needed to add in. Sure it's our cookin' that has some to do with it. Lack of transportation for people to get back and forth to the doctor does too. However, our lack of healthier restaurants, bad economy, and older folks who deserve better are the biggest reasons. The economy and the way we eat were mentioned by WWAY, but I felt that it needed to be explored. Am I offended by the study? No. I figured it would be us. But when you factor so many things against us, why wouldn't be us?


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