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Most unhealthiest county in NC!

I for one am embarrassed to say that I live in the most unhealthiest county in NC. I know I am not alone when I say this is an issue that is in dire need of addressing. So why have we become the most unhealthy in NC? I can think of several reasons why the state of our county’s health has continued to plummet. Obesity is one of the issues that lies at hand. It’s true that it is an individual decision to make healthy lifestyle choices and I myself strive to do so. However look around… Just how many places are there around here that serve healthy alternatives. Not many. Down south southern food and fast food chains have far outnumbered the competition. I understand we southerners love our country eating but it’s past time we start thinking and eating more healthy. On to the next issue.. Prescription drugs. As one who is very aware of the staggering number of prescriptions that are written daily in this county I am appalled that so many individuals are on prescriptions meds. It’s understandable for the elderly but I feel there are many younger individuals that are abusing the system. Not to mention those individuals whom are on several prescriptions at once. It’s complete insanity how many different drugs some people in this county are on. In my opinion a lot of it does indeed go back to healthy lifestyle choices. Even though we are limited in this county when it comes to healthy food we ca n always cook healthier. It’s no secret that good eating habits and daily exercise along with supplementation of nutrients our bodies can’t absorb thru food alone will do a body wonders. But people want a quick fix and turn to meds to solve their problems. Whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. Now that the government is responsible for our nation’s healthcare I am without doubt that things are only going to get much worst not only for our county but the nation as a whole. The number of prescriptions written will rise and the healthcare system will be abused more than ever before.


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