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You must be a Ronald Hewett

You must be a Ronald Hewett fan. What does Salt Daniels know how to do? Write speeding tickets. Manage a fish fry.- Thats part of his experience on his website for managerial skills. You are ignorant, there are many people in the sheriff's office with four year degrees as well as masters degree. Salt wouldn't know how to handle a drug investigation, or a murder scene. For crying out loud the guy can't even remember where he put his gun. Oh yeah thats right he left his department issued firearm on the hood of his car and drove off. Then called the Sheriff's Office K-9 to assist with finding the weapon. What officer EVER takes off their sidearm while they are on duty. By the way Ingram started the ACE Team which has reduced motor vehicle crashes as well as DWI Fatalities. You might want to do a little more research next time before you start posting comments.


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