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Way back when.....


Back in 2001, I stopped Mr. Daniels for running a stop sign as he was coming out of the quarters. I sure hope he has matured since then. Mr. Daniels showed me that he was an off duty Trooper and proceed with all kinds of profanities stating that he did not run the stop sign and I needed to quit pooping (I censored his words) on him. I tried to explain to Mr. Daniels that myself and the other two deputies that were with me saw him. He stated that I could have had 20 deputies that saw it, but it didn’t matter cause he said he didn’t run it. Now I do not write law enforcement for minor stuff like stop signs, but I was ordered that if we didn’t write a state citation I was to write a “WARNING” citation. Well when I returned back to Mr. Daniels vehicle to give him his copy of the “WARNING” citation, he realized that he thought I stopped him for the stop sign at 904 (which he did stop at) and not the one coming out of the trailer park. I thought everything was good to go. Well that next morning I had my butt chewed (understatement) by Ronnie. Seems that Mr. Daniels was so upset and sick because he got a “WARNING” ticket that he couldn’t sleep that night. I thought he couldn’t sleep cause he was on his way to ride with Trooper Gore when I stopped him, but I guess I was wrong. Ronnie proceed to tell me that “Salt” was a good person who has had a bad life. According to Ronnie Mr. Daniels relatives have been on the other side of Law Enforcement. Not sure if that is true or not, but the next morning I was given my walking papers. Now I haven’t read Mr. Daniels promises, mainly because I don’t live there anymore, but I hope they don’t include Professionalism and Ethic’s. I will say this. If the citizens of Brunswick County want another Ronnie Hewitt than by all means vote for Mr. Daniels. You’ll get the same service that Ronnie gave you. I will feel bad for those deputies though.


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