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For the last few days I have watched people write all kinds of things about this incident and there seems to be a few things missing. WWAYTV3 is stating that the "sheriff's deputy wrecked her car going 100 miles per hour". How do they or anyone else know for a fact that she was going 100 mph, were there other people on the road that night that saw her, was she caught on radar, was she being paced by an officer or did she admit to how fast she was going??? No it was only reported thats how fast she was going. There are ways of measuring the distance of a vehicle that left the roadway skidded or rolled a certain number of feet and other factors that have to be considered to get an approximated speed if all the factors are calculated correctly. Did something go wrong with her car? Did a tire blow out? Did an animal run out in front of her? All factors. Now do any of you know how fast she was really going? NO YOU DON'T! That is why MOST of the time when there is a single vehicle accident like this, were the driver is charged with careless and reckless operation (but was that her intent) when it enters our court system more times than not it gets dismissed, It happens everyday. She may have been speeding, who doesn't on hwy 17 day or night. How far will your car skid or roll at 60,70 or 80 miles per hour??? Deputy Lewis was off duty her shift had not worked in three days,Deputy Lewis was driving her 2010 Mustang that she was paying for, There was not anyone else involved. There were no families returning from dinner or public citizens put in danger. There is only Deputy Lewis laying in a hospital bed with all the physical and emotional scars that she will live with long after you have forgotten her name. The only reason Deputy Lewis has stayed in the headlines of WWAY TV3 is the fact that she is a Brunswick County Deputy Sheriff and it is an election year. If this isn't true tell me why the McKee lady that was charged with Felony Hit and Run and DWI after crashing her vehicle into another vehicle seriously injuring a small child and the father who later died from his injuries on pickett road last Saturday night was not reported on as much as Deputy Lewis has been??? Politics should not be a factor in the outcome of Deputy Lewis' fate. Deputy Lewis is and has been a very good officer with more integrity and intelligence than most people reading this and it should be a crime to be using her as a political jab against one of the best Sheriff's in this state.


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