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I personally know Sam...

Everytime something happens in this county..everybody has to gossip & make speculations. How about this..She is an officer of the law, a very respectable person & is HUMAN just like everyone else.She is by no means a bad person.She made a bad choice but it was her choice. If this were anyone would be somewhere in the front section of the beacon & that would be it but you let it be a deputy,etc & everyone has to stay in their business. It is done & over with & is NONE of anyone's business now except her friends & family. Grow up & move on.It was stated that she would be treated like anyone else...hell, I can't tell.You're still talking about it on here & everywhere else aren't you??Leave her alone, you has to pay for her mistake enough by the loss of her new car & her permanent scars both physically & mentally. Sam, you are in our prayers & we hope you recover soon. Life is weren't with her, you don't know what happened so shut your mouths. It shows how truly ignorant the majority of Brunswick county RESIDENTS really are!Oh & last but not least, what happens w/ her job,etc. is really nobody's business, that is between her & her supervisors.


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