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Brunswick County Law enforcement

I have lived in Brunswick County my whole life and I don’t know one person in law enforcement...and not many in politics that I can say I trust or is on the up and up! The difference in a law enforcement officer and a UPS driver is the UPS driver is not going to be giving anyone a ticket for breaking the same laws he does!!! I have a few words for everyone in the GOOD OLE PARTY.


That’s what both Ingram and Salt should have on their sign's. Just a few short years ago both swore to uphold the Dem. party. (Sound’s like they lied to me!) Ronald may have made some wrong choices while in office but it was clear which side he'd be on.

My vote is going to Mr. Louie Lewis!!!!

I'm not so much concerned with Ms. Lewis being charged she was off duty. Who were the
deputy(s) she was passing and why was she having to drive so fast to get around them? Are they still on the tax payer’s payroll?? HUH MR. INGRAM??????

Ms. Lewis a hope you have quick recovery and I feel for you being put in the middle of this it is clearly about the election not you.


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