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People spoke nastily of

People spoke nastily of woody and his asian wife yet they are still together and have a family. When people make a fuss about age gaps, it sounds like the days when people fussed about interracial couples. Humans still havent figured out that agism is just as ignorant as racism. She could marry a guy her own age and get beaten daily. Males can be loving and gentle at any age or dangerous at any age. Older Women who bash this couple have NO credibility. You made a hit show out of desperate housewives where a woman has an affair with an underage gardener. You call yourselves "cougars" (a predatory cat) and your young lovers "toys" (men dont call theirs "toys", they call them "wives"). When you bash age gaps its sounds like "blaa blaa blaa". Older men, you have no crediblity. You have put the age of consent at around 16-17 for 700 years in most of the world (research age of consent at wiki or google). You did it because you know thats the right age for lovers to begin earning some freedom to love. Dont say 16 year olds and 17 year olds are "unable to consent" when they have already been doing it for 700 years. Us younger guys have no crediblity. We call older men pervs and older women hot moms (smacking our own gender in the face). Younger women have no credibility. They call males older than them "pervs" then only marry males older than them. Yawn. None of us have crediblity to pass judgement. We are phonies playing "holier than thou"


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