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Internet cafes

Who cares what people spend their money on, It's THEIR money to spend and no one has the right to question them. What about lottery tickets? Shouldn't we ban those from being sold. As you say GAMBLING IS GAMBLING. Oh and for the best thing yet. Why don't we ban BINGO parlours also. This has always been a burr in my side for a years now. Bingo IS A GAME OF CHANCE, exactly what any gambling is. Why has this not been banned? Anybody know? Because bingo has always been profitable for the churches. I remember when this same thing was debated many years and the churches were the only establishments that could "Legally" have bingo parlours. This was debated and they came to the same conclussion as I. The church bingo was not any worse or better than other establishments. And to glorydaze. Have you ever thrown a penny in a wishing well? This is gambling. You are betting that this act will bring your wishes true. What happens if a relative or friend happens to win $10,000,000 and offers you some money. Do you take it our not? My guess is you would. But remember, this money was won from gambling so it is ill gotten money!!! Get a grip!


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