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Take a look at the statistics for alcohol, also legal.

It is immensely hypocritical for ANY government entity to complain about gambling while the state sells lottery tickets. Before the lottery they called it "running the numbers game," and arrested people for it. Now, the state does it and it's WONDERFUL!

Since you're so convinced that (in as many words) the lottery is GOOD gambling, spend some time hanging around any of the "da historic hood" sellers, or spend a day at any of the establishments in Columbus, Bladen or Sampson County when the lottery pot gets big. You'll see people wearing ragged clothing dropping hundreds of dollars on lottery tickets. I see it all the time! I wait five minutes to pay for a bottled water while granny blows half her Social Security check on Powerball tickets and scratch-offs.

No prohibition of any type works, but if you want an exercise in futility and truly want to get rid of gambling, the state should lead by example and dump the lottery.

Until that happens, I say let casinos open up and put slots in the bars. Like WilmMAJ said, if you can't handle it, it's YOUR problem.


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