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Wow.. Look at all the internet cafe junkies and employees on here trying to justify and defend their slums..
Its easy.. Get a life and if you really want to gamble that badly... It would be MUCH cheaper to buy a computer and blow away your paychecks and savings in your own home... There are thousands of ligitimate gambling sites that would love to take your money just as the local slums do...
The fact that you are trying to defend an internet cafe, established for the purpose of gambling, is completely absurd.

Here are the odds in winning based on the algorithim for a single, 52 card "online" deck of cards... (If you aren't good at Math, it says you are gonna loose, just sayin...)
So based on accurate math, if you spend 5 coins, one of thiose coins (er.. I mean credits) may win you a single credit back..
Spend $1.23, get $0.25 .. Wow... That is such a good deal...
The win below is per coin bet, not counting the additional 5-coin fee. The return column is the product of the win, probability, and 0.5. The reason for multiplying by 0.5 is the player must bet two units but is paid based on the one only.

Game Pays Probability Return
Royal flush 800 0.000068 0.027035
Straight flush 50 0.000287 0.007176
Four of a kind 25 0.006986 0.087329
Full house 8 0.035094 0.140377
Flush 5 0.022170 0.055426
Straight 4 0.020390 0.040781
Three of a kind 3 0.153812 0.230718
Two pair 2 0.264755 0.264755
Jacks or better 1 0.276658 0.138329
Nothing 0 0.219778 0
Total 1 0.991927

To break in down layman style....

Who will win? The obvious answer is, more people will win nothing, than will win something.. But that answers the lottery question for those who buy three $1 lottery tickets a week and blow (on average) $150 a year (Thhe average return on that is $6 with PowerBall)
It means you threw away money people...
The odds are ALWAYS in the houses favor.. I would say, do the math... But its already been done below....

Hand Conventional Turbo
Royal flush 1 in 40177 1 in 14796
Straight flush 1 in 9289 1 in 3484
Four of a kind 1 in 423 1 in 143
Full house 1 in 87 1 in 28
Flush 1 in 92 1 in 45
Straight 1 in 89 1 in 49
Three of a kind 1 in 13 1 in 7
Two pair 1 in 7.7 1 in 3.8
Jacks or better 1 in 4.6 1 in 3.6
Nothing 1 in 1.8 1 in 4.6


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