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not so fast!

For six months I've worked at a local sweepstakes cafe. This job has given me consistent income throughout the dreadful inconsistent "off-season" months of our coastal tourist economy. Without this job, Lord only knows where I would have found the income I needed to make ends meet.

Most of our customers are well mannered folks who play the games for fun! Yes, there are some irresponsible folks who may come in and play when they shouldn't, but they are grown adults who are expected and capable for making these decisions on their own. In fact, I joked with a customer today, telling her to,"Run out when she gets ahead" and her reply was that she likes to come in and play in a relaxed environment to get away from her stressful home life.

Most people who oppose the cafes probably never stepped foot in one. I was one of the naysayers until I was hired, stepped into one for the first time and realized what it's all about. To my surprise, most of the patrons are pleasant and friendly!

My personal opinion rests on neither side. It's out of my control. But if I my opinion mattered, I would say that they are harmless, but need to be regulated and taxed so they don't crop up on every street in every town. If anyone's to blame, it's the business owners who are trying to make a quick buck!


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