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So you've...

never done anything that you enjoy? Ever buy anything that will never give you a "return"? I would imagine you have "thrown" away money on items that interest you that others may think is stupid. Let's shut down Belk's because you know you should pay the gas bill rather than spend it on those new clothes. Some folks like to gamble just for the fun of it but there is that chance they might get lucky sometimes. Big f'n deal...

I would think it fair to say that most of the monies spent on anything we enjoy is "blown" money. Personally I think life would be rather dull if every dime I made had to go to a necessity. What right do you or anybody else have to tell people what they should do in a case like this?

Now I suspect some people would claim that the evil gambling takes food out of the mouths of their children. Could be true in some cases but I bet they would find another way to blow their money if not this way. It would also be true that alcohol would have the same result in some cases.

What really torques me off is that since "The State" didn't bless it then it is questionable. Bunch of hypocrites, liers and thieves! If they were getting a big cut then you wouldn't hear much about it.

**For the record I can't argue the numbers. But I suspect you could argue numbers to outlaw automobiles because of deaths as well.**


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