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You can't base the odds of winning on a 52 card deck. The percentage of winning is based on whatever the machines payout is set to!
So you googling odds of cards has nothing to do with peoples winnings and "real" odds!
True, there are a lot of seedy places not doing things the way they should be done or looking out for the customer. There's plenty of places that are looking out for their own pockets and could care less what the law is or for helping the community.
I can speak for 777 Sweepstakes because I am the manager and make sure that things are done to the law and to make our customers happy.
For people to say, oh you're standing up for the so called slum that owns the place, lets talk about employees of the NC "education" Lottery! So should they not have jobs because they sell tickets to people that you that seems to know better than they do? So no one should have a job in the bar business just because YOU don't like it? If the state says it's legal and it's helping the economy and putting food on families tables, then who are you to knock it? No one is twisting anyones arm to play! We do NOT have low lifes playing in our establishment, stop by and see for yourself before you go knocking EVERY sweepstakes place.
We do not make you scan your fingerprint in order to play, we do not have you sit in dim lighted areas and breathe in thick smoke, we are a clean establishment and well lit.
We also have the highest payouts in town and we don't rip anyone off or have dummy jackpots that can't be hit! We do NOT have rigged drawings or anything of that nature.
I personally invite you to come to 777 SweepstakeS located at 5214 Market street next to Chopstix and Radio Shack.


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