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Who's to judge?

Who can judge their marriage? People aren't cookie cutter copies of each other. Some people know they want to be married at an early age, some people marry late, so what? My husband and I never had a premarital sexual relationship, like is so pushed on high schoolers nowadays, and our marriage is still going strong almost 16 years and several kids later. We are both professionals and make good money. By the way, he's 20 years older than me, and I'm still very much attracted to him. I was a teen when we were engaged. We didn't "date," before we married. Why? Because we wanted to save ourselves for marriage. Why is it people ignore or even encourage premarital sex between teens at school, but think Windy's marriage to her coach is wrong? Does an early marriage doom a bride to failure in life? How so? Colleges are now populated by people of all ages. Second career anyone? Lots of people meet a bump in the road in their career or are "downsized," and find themselves going back to school. Many more go back to school simply because they want to go a different direction. None of us can predict the future, what our goals will be later in life. I haven't heard of any laws saying now that Windy is a married teen she can't go back to school. I imagine years down the road, they'll be laughing together how their marriage attracted so much attention, though they just wanted to be married like any other engaged couple. I think Windy's got poise and guts to do what she did; I can't say that for her critics.


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