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Review what???

An all-volunteer force? In a city of over 100,000? I'm sorry, but I have to believe you must be joking. Everytime there is a car accident, by law the fire department HAS to respond. Just considering the number of accidents and not even counting fires, how many volunteers are going to respond to all of those?

How do you get that police are "revenue gathering?" If you look at the city's budget, they aren't listed as an enterprise fund. Maybe you don't know that a lot of the money collected from fines goes to the New Hanover County school district.

Stop developing, stop growing, in fact, let's go backwards. Stormwater is not about developing and concrete, in fact, it's about preserving our watersheds and trying to find ways that we can co-exist. I agree that all the parking lots and development is the cause behind most (if not all) of stormwater problems, but we can't just stop growing. Not practical.

OK - this one is my favorite. PRIVATIZE TRASH??? I believe the city tried this a few years ago & bid out the contracts. Guess what. NONE OF THEM could do it for even close the price of what the city can do it for. Not only that, but the city does it better than the private companies. When Waste Management used to be my hauler, they would miss my trash constantly and about the whole last six months they were supposed to be the city's "contract carrier," they might have picked up my recycling once or twice. I think I was told that the city even had to hire extra people to handle all the complaints they used to get.


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