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sarcasm...but true?

I'm hoping for sarcasm..but they do raise a good point..the city has already cut their budget twice, once because of the screw up by the NHC tax man, and the 2nd because of the slowing economy. They have cut positions by early retirement, put off improvement projects, and not given their employees raises and cut back on their benefits, for the 2nd year in a row. So stands to reason that the next step would be to have to start cutting people or services, and they usually go hand in hand. Start laying off city employees, then the service they were providing to citizens also goes away. Stop providing certain services to the citizens, then the employee becomes expendable. At some point we, as citizens, have to choose between pitching in a few more dollars a month to help maintain our current standard of living, or start losing some of these services which make our lives worth living. I for one, would choose to cut back dining out a couple of times a month to put that money towards a tax increase, then live in a decrepid city.


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