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non-essential to whom?

Deciding what is essential and non-essential is not exactly black and white. I think that having my garbage picked up once a week is non-essential. I live by myself, and it takes me a month to even come close to filling one of those big buckets, so I could go a month between garbage collection. However, a large family would probably consider having their garbage picked up once a week as essential. I think that having my tax dollars being spent to build and maintain parks to be a waste, because I have no need to use a public pool or visit a park, so I consider these to be non-essential. But I'm sure people who use these sevvices think otherwise. Likewise, I don't think my money should be used to support art and other "cultural" items. If I want to go visit a musuem that much, I'd pay the price, no matter what. And what gaul do the Cameron's have to ask the city for fork over 100K in taxpayer money, in these economic times. Don't they own enough land in this town, and have more money then most people earn in their lifetime, yet they think they need government money to get by. If the museum is not self sufficient, then it is obviously not popular enough and used enough, thereby making it a non-essential. I'm sure everybody has their own list of what they think is essential to their life, it depends on your own priorities and life choices. People who have money have different essentials then people without.


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