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Legal marijuana lookalike hitting the market

READ MORE: Legal marijuana lookalike hitting the market

A heads-up for parents. There's a drug being sold locally known as K-2 Summit that will give you a high like marijuana, but it's legal.

K-2 Summit is a synthetic form of marijuana so under the radar right now even some of the police agencies in the area didn't know what it was when we asked them about it.

"It's not illegal to use," pharmacist Hal King said. "It has a legal use in research labs, and that's where it should stay obviously."

It's on local store shelves now, is easily available on the internet and may be the next big drug fad.

"I do think it's one of those trends," said Deeanna Hale-Holland, Prevention Director at Coastal Horizons, a drug treatment facility in Wilmington. "People are always going to look for something that they can get some sort of psycho-active effect that isn't illegal yet."

K-2 Summit is marketed as potpourri, and it can be burned as incense. But you can also smoke it and snort it and get the same high as smoking a joint. That's because the justice department's Drug Enforcement administration says its chemical make-up is similar to THC, which is the main active ingredient in marijuana.

"A product that looks like it's been adulterated by a research chemical that is similar properties to cannabinoids so they cause all the same things that smoking or ingesting marijuana will be," King said.

But K-2 Summit, Also known as JWH-018 is not categorized as THC because its chemical structure is different, which make it legal, and not looked for in a drug test.

Hale-Holland says even though it's legal, it can lead to many serious issues.

"(It) can potentially be addictive, can potentially cause long-term damages, can cause seizures," she said. "(It) can cause cancer and all the other dangerous side effects of other substances can also potentially be a side effect of this substance."

It's available here in Wilmington, or at least it was a few days ago.
We called Expressions, which is an alternative specialty store downtown, to ask about it. The store had it the day we called, but when we called back the next day, they said they didn't sell it anymore.

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