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They'll make it illegal soon enough. Yeah, I do agree that if you're against it it would have been smarter not to make it public knowledge (duh?) Just get off the soap box. Don't you have some underage tobacco smokers to lecture? Would be a better use of your time anyway. This stuff is 27 dollars a bag - (9 dollars a gram) and I don't think "Mommy and Daddy" are going to fork over 30 bucks for potpourri. The HS kids aren't getting it - it's just a way to smokescreen all the hippies that are complaining about legalizing marijuana. Look at the forest, not the trees.

By the way - it is EXACTLY like being stoned! I'm pretty sure it can't be good for you though, nothing chemical is - besides, it's better then the weed, local sources confirm. That can't be a good thing, even if it seems like one. LOL

(I can't believe it's not butter)


While we're at it - why not start attacking alcohol again? Prohibition went so well the first time....


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