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They'll howl, just the same

For those of us who can remember events that took place before last week and can remember when debit cards were fairly new, they originally DID deny you the ability to spend or withdraw more than your balance.

People WANTED the overdraft feature, and the banks were more than happy to provide it....for a fee.

The next thing you know, people will be griping because they tried to use their debit card and it was denied. Also, denying the transaction at the point of sale is going to cost retailers money - imagine how long it will take an employee at Food Lion or Harris Teeter to restock all the items when a customer storms out and leaves two-hundred dollars worth of bagged groceries at the checkout.

If it happens often enough, they may stop taking debit cards.

It's amazing how banks, retailers, and responsible consumers have to adjust their lives becasue of morons who can't balance a checkbook.


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