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Let's see if Rep. McIntyre is really aware of what's going on

My income is $33,000. My bi-weekly deduction for my employer provided insurance plan is $150, or $300 a month or $3,600 per year.

I am single and I have no dependents. My deductible is $5000. That means I have to pay $5000 of my already meager earnings before the insurance will begin covering something and, even if it does so at the fullest, it will only cover 90%, so that means I'm still responsible for the rest.

Last month, I was diagnosed with early stage uterine cancer. I had to have a hysterectomy. The whole procedure at NHRMC cost nearly $30,000. Of this, I have to pay $5000 (because I haven't met my deductible yet), plus 10% of the remaining (about $2500).

Where the heck am I going to get this money from? Now, I'm facing chemo and radiation treatments, which will certainly add to my bills. And let's hope my treatments don't hit the $1 million lifetime maximum that my insurance will pay, no matter what I have.

This is disgusting. This is a wealthy country which should be able to afford all its citizens the same level of care we already provide our military and our senior citizens with Medicare. I don't care if I have to pay a little more in taxes; after all, many other industrialized nations do the same.

So, in addition to having to contemplate the end of my life and the fact I will never have biological children at my tender age of 26, I have to deal with figuring out a way to pay this money and not going bankrupt.

I don't live a frilly lifestyle. I don't go out drinking or dancing or eating out. I don't have a LCD TV.

Tell me, all of you who are so against any reform whatsoever, how the heck am I supposed to deal with this? I don't have rich parents, I don't have rich friends.

All I see of those who protest any sort of reform is selfish "Me First" people who conveniently forget that cancer or a catastrophic illness can happen to anyone. Who's going to pay your bills then????

Mr. McIntyre, shame on you. Some reform is better than none. I cringe in fear that if I ever lose my job no one will ever insure me again because of pre-existing conditions.

We have no problem spending billions of dollars for wars, yet we don't give a hoot about our fellow citizens who are being screwed everyday by greedy insurance companies who are in it only to profit.

So, instead of change, we keep going with the status quo and those idiots who keep complaining about reform scream the loudest.

I sincerely hope no serious illness or unemployment or a catastrophe ever strikes them.


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