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Health care reform bill

I've recently been laid off from a local lawyer's office due to the decline in real estate sales, only earned $20k/yr. I've spent the majority of my adult life without health insurance. Widowed (husband died from pancreatic cancer-15yrs), no dependents-47yrs old. Personally I believe in choosing my own health care & health insurance doesn't cover most of what I choose. I was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness which I'm being treated by a naturapathic doctor, my MD & internal specialist didn't find it. I'm using homeopathic & alternative remedies made especially for me through my ND. Years ago I was diagnosed with HPV but was treated with Essaic tea instead of surgery & has been cured. I also believe I will be cured of this illness. Chemo helped to progress my husband's illness so I just don't believe modern medicine can help me. I pray people will educate themselves, make sound decisions & realize there are better ways to heal thyself then through the invasive, poisonous procedures that are offered today & covered by health insurance. My MD & ND have told me I'm very healthy because I take care of what I eat & exercise & I've done it without modern medicines, it's been years since I've even taken a pill. I will use my money to pay for the right health care for me instead of paying over $400/mo for health insurance which is more than my mortgage. I'll not be made to have health insurance.


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