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I suppose you will do what

I suppose you will do what the rest of us people do.

Fortunately or unfortunately I receive medicare, medicare drug prescription coverage and medicaid. Medicaid covers my medicare premium and my medicare drug coverage premium so that I pay very little if anything.

Now, keeping in mind that to get this you can have next to nothing, barely be able to pay your bills (meaning necessities, like water and power) and go hungry when necessary unless you can get to a food pantry.

I live on 853.00 a month, more than alot of people and less than alot of people. That is 10,236 a year.

I had surgery for lung cancer this past Dec. I lost my car to repossession last month and today will be my last day to have electricity until Apr 2 when I get paid again.

It was extremely cold in January and my heating (electricity) bill doubled like alot of people's did. Now if I had not just had lung surgery I could have turned my heat back to 55-60 like I do most of the time so I can pay my power bill. But, I could not afford to get sick after this surgery so I had to have heat.

For those of you who think we live off social services, I went to Social Services for help with my electric (heating bill). I was told unless we are facing 3 imminent days of life threating weather they could not help me. Lady was very nice and tried to call other organizations to help me with no success.

Now, the difference with you and I is I know I am facing death. There will be no escape. For you I have no answer. Our government from the local level to Washington is so dysfunctional it will probably never work in mine or you lifetimes.

I hate to tell you to go to the system because you will live very, very hard and put up with alot of abuse and ridicule.

My story is unimportant, I only hope to help you and open the eyes of our voters to weight in their hearts whatever they feel is right about the healthcare situation.


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