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I'm sorry to hear your story but......

...MacIntyre is not the problem here. You are not the only one with these kinds of problems facing you. Under the current proposal, you will pay MORE for your care, not less and here is why:

The Obama administration has set up some rules and regulations that "could" help some matters, but the proposal does not address bringing costs down. The only thing it addresses is who will pay MORE for those that do not. The proposal does nothing to address the points outlined below. Health care costs must be brought down to a reasonable level that will both allow profits and keep healthcare affordable for the average hardworking citizen. The lazies, the crazies, the baby farmers, the illegals, the drug addicts and dealers, I could care less about their care. That's their fault and problem, self imposed.

Look at this: Why is it that if you go to Canada to get your prescriptions, most can be purchased at 10 cents on the dollar if not less??? Why is it that Americans have to pay 90% more for their meds??? Why do elderly people have $600.00 mth prescriptions on $1000.00 month incomes??? WHY???

Look at this: Why is it that medicare and insurance fraud is costing $100,000,000,000.00 (100 BILLION dollars!) a YEAR??? WHY???

Look at this: We have 30 million illegal aliens in our country that suck the juice out of our healthcare industry every single day AND pay no taxes. Who do you think is paying for that???? Why is it that Obama is doing ZERO to keep them in their own countries? WHY???

Look at this: Why is it that doctors routinely insist upon multiple and redundant tests to confirm a medical condition??? This happens over and over every single day!!! WHY???

These are the simple BASICS of ways to save Trillions of dollars!!! I have not heard one single item adderessed in the health care overhaul and a government run system proposal.

Ther biggest reason against the Obama plan is that the government has NEVER, EVER in the history of the United States of America, been able to manage even the smallest program without going completely broke. For God's sake, it's all in the history books, read about it!

So what is it about all of these facts that you people have a problem in understanding?

What is there to prove to you that the federal government has a clue as to how to REALLY fix this???

This is not about YOU and nothing is going to happen fast enough to solve your individual problems. This is about America, it's children and it is about GREED. That, my friend is what has gotten us where we are today and until it is put in check, absolutely NOTHING will change, except the way the costs of greed are distributed. That is why none of the issues listed above are addressed by Obama and his proposal for America.


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