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Lets make one thing clear, from a macro perspective. Health care eats up 20% of our economic activity. 60% of bankruptcies in 2007 were due to people with outstanding health care debt and 80% had health insurance, but were under-insured. When people default on their debt and go bankrupt, the hospitals don't get paid so they raise the costs for EVERYONE (1000 dollars for a toothbrush). The reason why people are under-insured is because prices are rising and insurance companies are making way to much profit. Health insurance CEO's make millions of dollars a WEEK. So you have two factors raising costs, BUT this can easily be reversed. If you mandate insurance and provide a pool, hospital bills wont be defaulted on and insurance companies will have to bring down their profits to a reasonable level to compete. If everyone was mandated to buy insurance, the cost would be spread out and everyone would have that safety net.. Just think about it, if you get in a bad car accident and it wasn't your fault and other guy didn't have insurance, you would be screwed. The same way with health insurance but in a round about way.

The reason why this bill costs so much money is because the price of health care is so high right now, but once this is reserved, it will become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper for the people AND the government. If the government didn't put any money into it, than we would all be mandated to buy insurance but nobody could afford it. So you have to give it an initial push to bring down costs and then let the system run by itself, which it will do.. This will ultimately lengthen the life of social security so more of us can get our entitlements, or what we are entitled to from paying all taxes all these years.


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