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Liberal Hypocrites Vs Conservative Hypocrites

Obviously Conservatives have a much higher mental level than Liberals. This is shown in the fact that Conservatives are incapable of saying one thing and doing another (being hypocritical).

As such...

"She was a daughter facing life's lengthening shadows and reminiscing about a beloved father whom she dared not publicly acknowledge while he was alive. Thurmond's daughter said, "I am not bitter. I am not angry. In fact, there is a great sense of peace that has come over me in the past year.Essie Mae Washington-Williams, 78, said Wednesday that finally being able to claim her heritage as the illegitimate child of the late senator Strom Thurmond and his family's black maid had brought her a measure of peace."

... Strom Thurmond, the staunch CONSERVATIVE wasn't the biggest hypocrite after all. (Sarcasm)


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