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The big difference between the NAACP and Strom Thurmond, is that whatever the NAACP's goals are, they will never be fully realized in a multi-racial society moving beyond that bogusness. Strom Thurmond actually had his goals of racial inequality and prejudice entrenched for a long time, from a time period where it was very acceptable, and tried to perpetuate that system, against the currents of change that were stirring in society.
The NAACP is a relic of that struggle against the oppressive system that Strom Thurmond advocated, and is becoming less and less relevant as the years progress.

In a modern sense, Strom Thurmond committed a crime against humanity.
In every sense, Teddy Kennedy was acquitted in a court of law. You may not like that fact, but nothing Teddy did was illegal in a literal sense like you are suggesting.


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