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white people

This may come as a real shocker, but there are MANY white people who HAVE grown up POOR! I get so sick and tired of hearing that white people do not know what it is to be poor. I grew up dirt poor and know others who did too, but I NEVER thought about stealing or expecting others to take care of me. I went to work in tobacco when I was 11 years old. We worked from sunup to sundown. I grew up in a home with no indoor plumbing or running water. There were gaps so big in our roof, you could see daylight thru them. Selling drugs or stealing has nothing to do with growing up poor. I'm tired of it being used as an excuse for bad character. I know both black and white poor people who have pride and dignity. They WORK to provide for their families. The difference is, their life is not consumed in materialism. They have a greater appreciation for what they have because they earned it with the sweat of their labor and they have respect for themselves and others. Money can't buy honesty or good character or a work ethic.


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