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It's about choices and what

It's about choices and what your environment instills in you. I am white, raised by a single mother along with my brother and sister after my father took off. I watched my mom work two jobs to provide for us. My senior year I got a job at the local Bo Jangles to pay for my year book, cap & gown, etc. I did not watch my out of work mom sit on our couch in public housing while aspiring to be a gansta slingin crack to buy gold chains. I went in the military over college to get my education since we could not afford it (refer to single mom with two jobs above).

So f-you and your hard life and what you got to do. Everyone has the opportunity to make the choices in life that got them where they are. I made mine and here I am. So why should I pay for your housing, cell phones and health insurance?

No more..........


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