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I think it is really simple minded for people to sit around and judge another human being without being in their shoes. So much to cover on this subject, I doubt it would even fit here... How you are brought up is a major part of who you are, unless you are put in a situation where you HAVE to sell'll NEVER know what it's your opinion does not even count. I remember a time when it was illegal just to be black in this country so that shows you how much meaning our laws have. What about prohibition? Remember alcohol? Tobacco? when that was in the same place as marijuana and cocaine?? That was when you had your mobsters and gangsters and more "whites" involved in crime. Now you have empires built off of the period in which you disobeyed prohibition laws and you want to pass judgement? Who allowed the drug trade in the first place? Who financed overseas gun trades?? No, not blacks. WHITES... Matter of fact, a study showed that illegal money is the backbone of Americas economy..what happens when we all get off drugs?? Everything is always black and white for people who live closed off from the real world...


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