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How it is

Any of you commenting '' slap on the wrist '' have never picked up a State Port Pilot newspaper. Each week they print the district court cases and the verdicts of the people and 95% of the charges are voluntarily dismissed by the state. It does not matter what you do for a living everyone is treated equal as she has been. She committed a crime and has been charged and is now in the courts and DMV's hands. I believe that if each of you that have so pationately complained about this incident would do for EVERYONE else that has been charged with the same offense because believe it or not it is charged hundreds of times a month, maybe we as a community, county and a state would make North Carolina a safer place to live. But I forgot that she is a law enforcement officer and not a human being, everyone makes mistakes no matter your profession and yes you expect more from law enforcement officers but until you can manage to assemble law enforcement officers from spare body parts and computer brains mistakes will always be made because until then they are human just like me and you!


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