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What's this? Something Positive in politics?

So, we have two candidates in this story.. Berger says the same ol same ol aas every politic says.. General blame, general solution.. Nothing negative Mr. Berger, just what we've heard before...
But then out of no where, we have Wilmington financial guru Harris stepping up to the plate without negativity, and DOING something! That is more than I have seen candidates present in Years.. Not saying "we have to comeup with a solution", but actually coming up with a solution and challenging other candidates to do the same!
Why is it I am betting that Harris is the only one trying to actually DO something?
If we had a full board of people like Mr. Harris, maybe we wouldn't have the issues we have now.. You have Thompson taking about his dong at a meeting, then another one who acts like he is racist and blames everyone else for their problems, The you have a couple that stay out of site, out of mind and who knows what the heck they do! (Sparks, Thompson and the other two of you who we don't know because youhide and do nothing, it's time to say goodbye! Our county demands a change from the hole you all have dug!) The only two politicians I have seen do ANYTHING lately is Harris and Barfield.. BOTH of which have my vote simpy becase thy show action and aren't a bunch of talk.. Thank you Mr. HARRIS and Barfield! For finally being there to put actions before words!


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