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Everyone here is ignorant of the incentives!!!

To everyone who has posted on this page...

Let me explain the incentives for you. Let's take an average feature film ... ie, 20 million dollars. Every bit of that 20 Million would be spent in North Carolina in order to qualify for our state's incentives. The money would be spent on Actors (Who would have to pay state income taxes), Crew, Food, Hotel Rooms, Transportation, Gas, Rent, Equipment, Building supplies for sets, Furniture, ... the list goes on and on... They finish filming... The money is already been paid into the system. The State cuts the production a check for 5 Million... The State makes 15 MILLION Dollars on the deal. There is no subsidizing involved. It is in the most basic words a "rebate".

Now since we have that cleared up. I'm sick and tired of listening to some of you morons on here calling film crew members carnival workers. These crew members spend thousands of dollars to go to UNCW to attain a Film Degree. They go on set, in a incredibly competitive enviroment and prove themselves time and time again. These people are father's, Mother's, Young adults.. Family people. Before you judge someone at least know who you are talking about.

The film business brings in hundreds of millions of dollars a year to NC. If you can't appreciate that then maybe you should move out of the state. Without incentives no production would come here. That is the difference in this industry than any other in the state yet everyone always want to compare,"Well why not give this company more"... the simple answer is because they are here, they have made long-term investments in NC. Film productions come and they go, so that is why it is so vital to have incentives in place to keep the revolving door of productions turning...


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